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SLT Ticketing

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This service is available with

  • 4G/LTE
  • Fibre
  • Fibre 1Gbps
  • Megaline


  • Rail Tickets

    This is an extension of Mobitel’s M-Ticketing service to SLT customers. The service is now offered to SLT Megaline customers. If you are a Megaline customer, you can now simply reserve your intercity express train tickets from your SLT telephone simply by dialing 1265.

    Services offered

    How to register

    How to reserve tickets

    How to collect the ticket

    Tickets can be collected from any of the following ticketing locations.

    • 1265 calling charges
    • Rs.08.00
    • Ticket charge
    • Standard train ticket charge
    • SLT charge
    • 15% from ticket fee

    Credit limits