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Plantations digitization platform to support traditional plantations to be future ready.

SLTMobitel in a partnership with iTechro, has introduced the cloud-based plantations digitization platform to support traditional plantations to be future ready. iHarvest powered by SLTMobitel can create a digitally enabled plantation ecosystem to preemptively manage the plantations creating real time transparency and decision making. iHarvest today has demonstrated its leadership in Tea, Rubber, Palm oil, Coconut, and Cinnamon field operations. iHarvest will be running on SLTMobitel’s Azure Stack hosted on a tier 3 datacenter with minimum latency and better performance.

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Operations
    A very good understanding of current plantation operations, which will limit any understanding gaps. We assure 100% success with the least risk.
  • Industry Leader in Plantations Software
    Continuous build of value-added features to augment the system capabilities to enable a strong insight-deriving platform
  • Unmatched Infrastructure Facilities
    Enterprise class stability and availability of 99.9% by SLTMobitel’s Azure Stack to provide better performance and data residency.
  • Future Proof Solution
    The modular architecture is supported with cloud capabilities to support scalability and incremental evolution of the application.
  • Quality & Faster Delivery
    Incremental delivery with early interaction with users to increase delivery predictability and quality.
  • Low Cost with Greater Value
    The local support & development team provides a very competitive price offering to create greater value.
Services & Features

We strongly believe that data is the new oil and through a digitally enabled ecosystem, we can support planters with rich data to predictably grow crops to achieve higher yields whilst reducing waste. With our strong domain & engineering expertise and committed product roadmap, we are able to provide premier plantation digitization platform with excellent customer support team. iHarvest powered by SLTMobitel includes the following features:

  • Digital Muster
  • Task and Budget Management
  • IOT enabled weight capture
  • Payment Management (Check Roll)
  • Factory operations & Optimization
  • Intelligent attendance capture
  • Quality verification
  • Worker benefit management( Mobile wallet integration/insuretech)
  • Managerial insight dashboard