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IP End Point Service

IP End Point Service

Cut down your Capex base OnPrem PBX and move to SLT Opex base Multi branch Hosted PBX service

SLTMobitel IP End Point service provides an Opex-based Multi-branch Hosted PBX service. The enterprise customers can ease their businesses by cutting down Capex base OnPrem PBX costs. Crystal clear voice, high availability and scalability ensure the continuous communication support to grow your business.

Services & Features

Cut down your Capex base OnPrem PBX and move to SLTMobitel Opex-based Multi-branch Hosted PBX service. SLTMobitel IP endpoint Service provides Multi-branch PBX service with IP phones, IAD, POE, all managed by SLTMobitel. Customers can experience a more flexible Opex-based Hosted PBX service, as SLTMobitel IP endpoint service provides facilities including within branches extension Dialling, call waiting, call on-hold, speed dialing, three-party conferencing, secretary services, call parking, call forwarding, and automatic call back functions.

  • CPEs(IAD, IP Phones, POE ) managed by SLTMobitel.
  • Extension Dialling within Branches.
  • Call waiting.
  • Call Hold.
  • Speed Dialing.
  • Three Party conferencing.
  • Secretary Service.
  • Call Park.
  • Call Forwarding(Permanently, Busy).
  • Automatic call back.