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Contact Center & ChatBots

Contact Center & ChatBots

Streamline your customer support channels with SLTMobitel's Pubic Addressing, IVR, Call Billing, ChatBots and many other services.


BizChat is a specialized chatbot service that offers a conversational experience using Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to converse with your customers.

With this service your company can benefit from

  • Low overhead cost
  • 24/7 availability
  • Learning and updating
  • Management of multiple users
FB Chatbot

Respond to your customer queries 24X7. Get your own Chatbot which is linked to your FB page. With SLTMobitel BizChat you will not miss potential customers who are interested in your products or services.

  • Customized Bot
  • Multi-language translations
  • AI driven chatbots/ Train chatbots
  • FB Chatbot

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Monthly rental


Language translations (per month per language)


Call Center

SLTMobitel Call Center Solutions helps smart companies to deliver exceptional customer support & boost their sales. Our solutions will fully adapt to your needs and the scale of your business.


Call Billing

Integrating with SLTMobitel Intercom Solutions, Call Billing Software helps in call accounting, PIN-based dialing, email notifications, user-level voice quota management.



Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions allows customers to interact with automated operator functionalities via a telephone keypad.


Video Conferencing

Colleagues don’t necessarily have to work in the same place to collaborate and co-operate productively. Instead, communicate quickly and directly with VoIP calls and video conferencing through distributed SLTMobitel networks.


Public Addressing

SLTMobitel offers your business Public Addressing Solutions enabling you to address a large number of people located in your premises through sound amplification and distribution system.


Video Door Phone

SLTMobitel Door Phone Solutions have proven popular in hotels and apartment complexes. Video Door Phones are intercom systems that are used to make calls from the entrance of a building and interact with the visitor safely.