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  • Live TV
    Gives you the pleasure of enjoying over 90 Local & International channels. The channels include entertainment, movies, cartoon, sports, information, infotainment, fashion, leisure, etc. to suit interests of different people.
  • SVOD
    Subscription Video on Demand. Select a pack of movies at an affordable monthly subscription. Movies are refreshed every month.
  • TSTV
    Time Shift TV. Pause, Rewind Live TV while watching. Get access to 48 hours of Catch-Up content. Start-Over a live program using a single button click
  • PIP
    Picture in Picture. Watch two channels at the same time on a single screen. You can toggle between the main window and PIP (small) window using the green button. Swapping channels within PIP window without disturbing the main channel is an exciting feature.
  • MOD
    Music on Demand. Music Library comprising a vast selection of popular music albums which enables you to listen to your favorite songs whenever you want
  • VOD
    Video on Demand. Watch Sinhala, English, Tamil and Hindi movies at your convenience from a well-stocked library.
  • EOD
    Education On Demand - Tuition to your Doorstep. The novel mode of Learning for all students who are interested in learning from home.
  • TVOD
    TV on Demand.Enjoy good old TV programs at a click of a button.
    You can pause, rewind and fast-forward all TSTV enabled channels.
    Go to the beginning of the current program at a click of a button. This feature is available for selected channels only.
    Ability to restrict or hide Channels, TV programs and Movies according to your preference, restricting children from watching content not suitable for them.
    For easy navigation, create your own personalized list of channels you prefer to watch.
    You can set reminders for future TV programs on all channels. Reminders will pop-up just before the program begins.
    Detailed information (synopsis) on program line-up with images for all TV channels.
    Rain or shine, enjoy watching your favourite TV programmes.