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Elevate your business with a range of cloud-based Digital Solutions. Unlock a new era of your business with Akaza Arcadia applications with absolutely no cost of ownership. Experience the power of seamless integration, analytics, and customization options.


In collaboration with hSenid Business Solution PLC, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise presents an HRIS tailored for enterprises. The application is accessible through our cloud solutions suite, simplifying your work by combining traditional HRM systems with a user-friendly, do-it-yourself approach that empowers you to start using it at your convenience


UiPath RPA platform makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software. RPA based software robots can perform a wide range of defined actions.


SLTMOBITEL has forged a strategic partnership with the esteemed BLUE LOTUS 360 ERP System, presenting the platform through SLTMOBITEL’s enterprise cloud infrastructure. Offered modules are,

- Workflow Management
- Inventory Management
- Procurement Management
- Salesforce Automation
- Financial Analysis
- Invoicing
- Warehouse Management
- Business Intelligence

Akaza LMS

AkazaLMS is an enterprise eLearning solution made available as a cloud offering for corporates. It allows you to deliver learning material and corporate training to your employees, customers and partners with zero cost in infrastructure or on the people to manage it except for a monthly subscription.

Microsoft 365

The all-new Microsoft 365 lets you create, share and collaborate all in one place with your favourite Microsoft apps. SLT-MOBITEL offers enterprise-level support for making it easier for businesses to adopt and manage.

Google Workspace

Now you can subscribe to Google Workspace services through SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise. We offer enterprise-level support for users of Google Workspace, making it easier for businesses to adopt and manage these essential productivity tools.


iHarvest represents a cloud-based digital platform for the modernization of traditional plantations, ensuring their readiness for the future. The platform empowers the creation of a digitally enhanced plantation ecosystem, facilitating proactive management.

Fleet Managment

The SLT-MOBITEL Fleet Management platform provides the capability to monitor and make informed decisions regarding fleet activities. Our solution aids in ensuring fleet compliance, driving ongoing operational efficiencies, and ultimately reducing operational costs

Vulnerability Assessment

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise provides a VA Service tailored for enterprise customers. This comprehensive process combines automated and manual techniques, with assessments spanning various technology layers, including but not limited to host-level, network-level, and application-level evaluations

DDoS Protection

SLT-MOBITEL provides robust DoS (Denial of Service) protection for web applications, whether they are hosted within SLT-MOBITEL Data Centers or elsewhere. Our solution involves the redirection and monitoring of traffic through Arbor Networks' DoS mitigation tools.