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Impact to the National Economy (GDP)

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A strong, reliable and island-wide ICT infrastructure is key to the efficient functioning and development of businesses and the economy. As the national telecommunication service provider, we empower organizations to perform their business activities more efficiently and effectively through our island-wide ICT infrastructure and the provision of reliable and high quality ICT products and services, helping to create a knowledge rich society, aiding economic development. Through the provision of high speed, affordable broadband connectivity we seek to bring about social and economic benefits for the people in Sri Lanka. We are fully committed to making broadband affordable, and to connecting every home and bringing people online to facilitate national GDP growth. SLT will also deliver the National Backbone Network (NBN) services as the NBN operator, creating the network and capability to empower Sri Lanka as South Asia’s economic hub.


Our effort to reengineer the entire network towards a fully fledged Next Generation Network (NGN) is well underway. In parallel, SLT’s capacity building effort is taking care of upgrading the core backbone and establishing the National Backbone Network (NBN) - as the sole NBN licence holder. While revolutionizing SLT’s core infrastructure platform, NGN is expected to transform Sri Lanka’s ICT readiness by replacing conventional legacy platforms in favour of an optical fibre based backbone network that extends the network edge closer to the customer. With NGN migration being a pre-requisite for Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) licensing requirements, the progress made towards NGN migration during the year helped secure SLT’s operating license, for a further period of 10 years.

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