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Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

Being the national telecommunications solutions provider in the country, corporate responsibility forms an integral part of Sri Lanka Telecom’s business strategy and corporate identity. Serving the nation for over 160 years, the Sri Lanka Telecom brand has been recognized by people and professional institutes alike as a top level responsible company. We continuously strive to live up to this reputation by ensuring that all our business operations and actions are in line with our inherent characteristics of being trustworthy and transparent, strong and reliable, and that we deliver our extensive industry and brand experience to our valued customers while being an important part of people’s lives and shaping their futures.

Within this context, we are keen to empower our customers and other stakeholders to improve their quality of life and work, which we support in various ways – from making services more affordable, connecting every person and home together as well as to community and environment based initiatives that go beyond our core business. Furthermore, since technology plays an important part in a nation’s journey towards development, we ensure that we take the right technology at the right time and the right infrastructure to the right place with a futuristic approach, helping to promote digital integration in all parts of Sri Lanka, and facilitating national economic growth and development.

We seek to be Sri Lanka’s favourite telecommunication brand, which people will be proud to recommend to their friends and family. With this in mind, we continuously strive to form lasting relationships with all our stakeholders built on quality, reliability and accountability in line with the values of simplicity and proximity that our brand represents, throughout our long term presence in the industry.