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Play a wide range of online games with extremely low data cost on the lowest latency broadband network in the country. SLT-MOBITEL Broadband connections are optimized to achieve the fastest route to almost all leading game servers and platforms. Enjoy unmatched gaming experience with SLT-MOBITEL Broadband and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Data Bundles

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Protocol list of games, platforms and streaming services.

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How to subscribe?

Bundle Type

Subscribe Methods

Gamer Lite, Gamer Premium & Streamer Premium

MySLT App, MySLT Portal & 1212 Hotline

How to pay?

  • Gamer Bundles are eligible to activate only for SLT-MOBITEL Home Broadband users with active volume based Broadband package.
  • Gamer Bundles eligibility for the packages as follows.
    - All time-based packages
    - All anytime packages
    - Abhimana, Entrée, Voice Pal, Biz Pal and Old Packages are not eligible.
  • The Data bundle is valid for 30 days and renewed automatically until the customer opts to unsubscribe.
  • Upon subscription by the customer, the full amount of the data bundle price will be charged without prorating.
  • Gamer Bundles are considered as anytime data, which can be used anytime of the day.
  • Standard package data or bonus data will not be consumed when using the configured list of protocols.
  • The customer’s broadband package should be in active status (not throttled), in order to use Game Data bundles. There might be some generic protocol usage when connecting to gaming platforms hence loading issues could be experienced if the connection in throttled status.
  • Data bundle usage may not be correctly counted due to the following reasons.
    - Use of VPN, Proxy and Tunnels, which affect the identification of data traffic.
    - Possible changes, development, and improvements in Content Providers Network (related to protocols mentioned under this package) or Content Streams where it will take some time to develop platform signatures.
    - Moving Content to a different Content Provider Network by the content owners.
    - Embed content in some other websites where the headers may change and therefore not possible to classify.
    - Using browsers or programs which may modify the traffic behaviour.
    - These Bundles are not applicable when you are using “sltgo” community Wi-Fi network.
  • Customers can check the bundle data usage under Data Add-on tab in MySLT App or MySLT Portal.
  • Daily usage is shown separately in MySLT App and MySLT Portal.
  • Gaming Bundles usages are depicted under “Protocol Wise Report” (Which includes the percentages of all traffic for the particular day).
  • Customers can subscribe to these bundles by adding to the monthly bill. Only the postpaid option is available at the moment.
  • Customer can deactivate the bundle by login into the MySLT App and MySLT Portal.
  • SLTMOBITEL shall be held harmless from and against any claim or cause of action, including, but not limited to damage to or loss of property, arising out of misuse of data bundles and content of the platforms mentioned under this data bundle.