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SLT Voice App is an Android and iOS based calling application developed exclusively for SLT Megaline, Fiber & 4G/LTE users. The App allows existing SLT customers to use their SLT telephone number on mobile devices and make calls at lowest call rates. SLT Voice App also allows users to share their residential SLT telephone number with four other family members and effectively utilize free call offers available with the respective packages.

  • Easy setup and user-friendly App interface.
  • Create up to 04 accounts for a single telephone connection.
  • Answer incoming calls while the user is away from home.
  • Lowest and flat call rates throughout the day.
  • Ability to use through any SLT broadband connection including Wi-Fi zones island-wide.
  • No data charge for making calls on SLT Broadband network.
SLT Voice App


  • Local calls
  • Rs.1.50
  • IDD calls
  • Standard rates
  • Short code dialing
  • Standard rates


Note : A flat rate charge is applicable for SLT Voice App calls and free call volumes will be counted.


  • Features
  • This service is free of charge for all existing customers who have obtained a SLT telephone facility.
  • Up to 04 Voice App accounts for a single SLT Telephone.
  • You can add/drop new users to/from the App anytime.
  • All connected Voice App(s) and the standard telephone will ring for incoming calls and ringing will stop once answered by any device.
  • Only 1 active call is allowed at a time.
  • No data charge for making calls on SLT Broadband network.


Download Apps

Voice App available for your Android or iOS device.



  • Terms and conditions
  • Above charges are exclusive of taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of purchase.
  • Customer should be connected to the SLT internet connection (home Wi-Fi or Public Wi-Fi hotspot) in order to make calls through the App.
  • A unique mobile number is required to sign into a Voice App account.
  • Usage charges will be added to the respective monthly bill.
  • In order to register on the SLT Voice App Service customer should be in active status as per the SLT credit control process.