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This service is available with

  • 4G/LTE
  • Fibre
  • Fibre 1Gbps
  • Megaline

The easy package that gives you all the features you've always wanted on your phone.

  • IDD Calls
  • Take IDD calls from your Megaline & Citylink home telephone instantly without pre activation or deposits.
  • Call Forwarding
  • Forward incoming calls to another telephone of your choice.
  • Call Waiting
  • Be notified of incoming calls by a beep, while you are on another call.
  • Conference Calling
  • Three parties in different places can talk to each other at the same time.
  • Hotline
  • Automatic call divert to a specified number of your choice after 5 seconds.
  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Speed dial facility with short codes for the international or local numbers that you call frequently.
  • Absentee Service
  • A customized recorded message that responds to callers when you are not available to answer the call.
  • Charges
  • Monthly rental: Rs.75

Above charges are exclusive of taxes.