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SLT to transform your home into a 'SmartHome', office into a ‘SmartOffice’.

  • - Extend your SLT Broadband, Wi-Fi AND PEO TV connection within premises through internal electrical wiring.

  • - IoT (Internet of Things) Technology enabled devices anywhere in the home/office can be set up via home/office Wi-Fi network.

SLT introduced ‘Powerline Adapters’ to expand the coverage of Broadband Internet, Wi-Fi and PEO TV via a home or office’s internal electricity wiring, with the intension of improving customer convenience and connected experience in the connected home or SmartHome environment. SLT SmartHome & SmartOffice services is an integrated solution that provides customers and enterprises with multiple services by integrating together all communication devices and equipment in the connected premises.

The Powerline Adapter Extender option is capable of transmitting Internet and PEO TV signals throughout your household via existing internal electrical wiring. The Powerline Adapter option has the ability to expand Wi-Fi signals to areas with low reception. These newly introduced Powerline Adapters have the ability to pick up signals from the existing router, amplify and re-transmit to the desired area using existing internal electrical wiring as a new connectivity medium for broadband services in Sri Lanka. IoT (Internet of Things) Technology enabled devices can be set up anywhere in the home/office via any home/office Wi-Fi network.

SLT Broadband Extenders use AV HomePlug Powerline technology to turn every power socket in your home into a potential Internet port. Ideal for wireless Internet and video streaming, they all work straight out of the box, so you can quickly connect to a Smart TV, cover a Wi-Fi weak spot, get online in the garden or game online wherever you want within the premises.

“As a means for consumers to experience SmartHome features by extending their Internet connections around their homes, Powerline Adapters have been extremely popular around the world due to their reliability and simplicity. As an option, Powerline Adapter Extenders, are undoubtedly one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect devices around the digital home,” stated Mr. Ajantha Seneviratne, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT.

Adding further he said, “As the market leader in ICT solutions, we pay close attention to our customers, who love the benefits of a digital lifestyle. We are happy to create an environment utilizing their home wiring to extend their broadband connections, enabling Wi-Fi and PEO TV facility anywhere around the home or office, but desire a less cluttered solution”.

With this solution, ranges of Powerline Adapters are able to boost wireless signals up to 100Mbps to previously unreachable or hard-to-wire areas flawlessly if you are connected with SLT Smartline Fibre broadband connection. Similarly respective speeds can be delivered to customers, who are connected with SLT Broadband via ADSL and 4G/LTE technologies. The Powerline Adapter’s miniature size and wall-mounted design make it easy to deploy and move flexibly. The Powerline Adapters come ready for simple plug-and-play installation, with a space-saving design that reduces clutter by requiring only one plug to supply both power and a network extension.

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