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SLT #iPledgeMySupport campaign on Facebook empowers Kularatne Lama Nivasa.

The Kularatne Lama Nivasa, Godakawela, Ratnapura was the beneficiary of several household and other essential items provided by the digital media team of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider that takes its responsibility to the community. The company donated much needed items such as dry rations, household goods, books, school bags as well as other basic essential items to the children of the Lama Nivasa recently under the company’s latest online CSR initiative facilitated through SLT’s Facebook page (

SLT embarked on a Facebook campaign called #iPledgeMySupport, seeking to emphasize the importance of the concept of “giving” amongst the general public as well as to obtain the engagement of its Facebook fans in distributing provisions to orphanages, elders’ homes and other such deserving institutions. The #iPledgeMySupport campaign was conducted under the theme “Let’s communicate our good habits to the next generation”. It comprised of SLT making an announcement on Facebook inviting users to get involved with SLT’s CSR initiative by pledging a donation to the Kularatne Lama Nivasa. The pledge could be made by commenting on SLT’s post using the hashtag, #iPledgeMySupport. The company promised to match each pledge with Rs. 50/- at the end of the campaign. Thereafter, in line with the response received from SLT’s Facebook fans, the company funded the provision of essential goods and items that will be useful for the children in their day to day lives as well as for their studies.

The Kularatne Lama Nivasa, Godakawela is home to approximately 35 girls who are all between the ages of 6 and 18 and are currently schooling. This is one of the company’s online digital CSR initiatives that is undertaken with the aim of providing support and assistance to less privileged children from across the country via SLT Facebook page. SLT invites the public to get involved with the second phase of this CSR initiative which will be commencing shortly.