Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) succeeded in winning a total of 29 medals for Sri Lanka at the first ever Indian Mercantile Masters Track & Field Championships held during 8th to 10th May 2015, in Mumbai, India. With the 29 medals won by SLT, Sri Lanka secured a total of 91 medals, with the contribution of all the teams from Sri Lanka that participated in the championships.

The SLT team who participated in the Indian Mercantile Masters Track & Field Championships included Mr. Y.M.R. Weerasekara, Ms. K.W.P. Renuka, Mr. K.H. Wanniarachchi, Ms. W.A.S. Prasangika, Ms. D.S.N. Siyambalapitiya, Ms. N.D. Ediriweera, Ms. K.M.E. Wijesinghe, Mr. K. G. Sunil Karunarathna, Mr. J.A. Chandrarathna, Mr. D.W.S. Ariyawansa and Ms. G.K.S. Ganarachchige. Mr. Y.M.R. Weerasekara succeeded in securing 5 Gold medals under the 40+ age group category.

SLT succeeded in winning the title of Overall Champions at the 31st Mercantile Athletic Meet held in Colombo last year; the winners that emerged from the 31st Mercantile Athletic Meet gained eligibility to participate in the Indian Mercantile Masters Track and Field Championships 2015. Out of those eligible, 11 athletes from SLT participated in the championships held in Mumbai, India. The 29 medals won by SLT included 14 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze medals.

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