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SLT’s Tailor Made ‘Intelligent Solutions’ for Investors and Businesses of the CHOGM Business Forum.

SLT's Intelligent Solutions business communication portfolio is aimed at equipping investors and local businesses with the full range of ICT solutions to help them succeed globally. This sector-wise communication solution approaches 10 main economic sectors including; Tourism & Leisure, IT- BPO & Knowledge Services, Packaging & Branding Industry, Universities and Educational Institutes, Aviation Services, New Zones & Petroleum Refinery, Ports, Transport, Manufacturing and Health Sector.

Speed, connectivity, reliability and security are key demands of businesses and SLT’s wide portfolio of services is perfectly poised to meet and exceed these expectations. Our comprehensive array of services help organisations to blaze ahead with stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation.

SLT's Intelligent Solutions encompass the entire gamut of next generation voice, networking, data hosting and managed services to facilitate local businesses to compete in the global arena. Globally, the convergence of voice, data and video networks have a profound impact on the way businesses are run and SLT is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in Sri Lanka. SLT’s extensive portfolio of flexible hosting solutions offers businesses the assurance that their mission critical communication infrastructure is safe with SLT’s expertise.

The company’s SME Solutions have been especially designed taking into consideration the unique requirements of the small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation are the unparalleled unique features that characterize SLT’s product portfolio.

The Group CEO of SLT, Lalith De Silva expressing views said, “Sri Lanka Telecom is a vital power behind connectivity in Sri Lanka, delivering faster communications and information access to in all the key economic sectors of the country. Sri Lanka Telecom stands ready to enable new business entities engaged in all business sectors. As the leading communication solutions provider and the national backbone operator, our services facilitate all operators in the country. Our company has invested substantially in infrastructure expansion and network modernization. As indicated by the Networked Readiness Index, Sri Lanka’s ICT industry has been one of the most dynamic industries over the past several years and is positioned on a platform of fast track development and ICT growth. We are committed to the Nation’s vision of ‘SMART Sri Lanka’ by following the right policies & strategies and thereby empowering the digital economy in the country.”

Through Next Generation Network (NGN) deployment the company is ready to provide customers the benefits of increased speed and performance, cost savings, faster service delivery and cutting-edge capabilities through new features, products and services.

Through the ‘i-Sri Lanka’ project, SLT has already commissioned new network capabilities of 14,656 Km of optical fibre and revolutionized broadband access across the country. This has enabled customers across the country to enjoy consistent, uninterrupted high speed internet services at speeds up to 20 Mbps (Megabits Per Second), enabling a digitized Sri Lanka and bridging the digital divide.

As Sri Lanka gears up for a new phase of economic growth and mega infrastructure development, Sri Lanka Telecom, as the national telecommunications provider, is well positioned to act as a catalyst to that powers growth in build  ICT capacity and capability in the country.