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Public Notice

This is to address the concerns regarding a recent Social Media coverage that held SLT-MOBITEL accountable for the slowness experienced in the Broker Systems hosted in SLT-MOBITEL Data Center on 13th September 2021.

For decades, SLT-MOBITEL Data Centers have provided exceptionally reliable service to many top-tier clients in Sri Lanka. Thus, we take it our responsibility to clear any misunderstanding that has arisen due to miscommunication and reassure the stability and the speed of our Data hosting services to our trusted clients.

We would like to state that a planned change from the client’s side may have resulted in the alleged issue. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that SLT-MOBITEL has taken prompt actions to rectify the situation within the least amount of time and we are assisting CSE to identify the exact root cause. We hereby assure that SLT-MOBITEL Data Centers have operated within the usual capacity during the time of the incident.

As the National ICT Solutions Provider, we would like to sincerely reassure our partners and all Sri Lankans that we make it our utmost priority to provide fast, reliable, and quality solutions for Sri Lankan institutions at any given time.