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Browse more and save more during the New Year, with SLT Broadband!

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national telecommunications service provider is happy to announce increases in broadband data volumes for a range of its broadband packages, starting from 5GB and increasing up to even 75GB, offered at the existing prices. With these entitled monthly data volume enhancements, SLT broadband customers will now be able to browse more and enjoy additional GBs at no extra cost, significantly increasing value for money.

These data volume increases are applicable for both existing customers of SLT as well as new broadband customers and comprise of the following enhancements: Web Starter package has been increased from 5GB to 10GB; Web Pal from 8GB to 13GB; Web Family from 25GB to 35GB; Web Surfer from 35GB to 50GB; Web Pro from 60GB to 85GB; Web Master from 120GB to 155GB; Web Champ from 185GB to 230GB; and Web Life from 300GB to 375GB. Customers can now experience more of SLT’s consistent, uninterrupted and high speed internet with increased browsing at absolutely no increase in costs.

SLT is enhancing and expanding its island-wide backbone network in order to provide a superior broadband experience of the highest standards, connecting Sri Lankans with each other and to the world, while providing a wealth of information at their fingertips. The company carries out these initiatives in line with the goals of the Government of Sri Lanka to increase ICT literacy to 75% by 2016 in order to bridge the digital divide and ensure ICT penetration into all corners of the country, enhancing living standards and lifestyles of the people in the country.

Giving his comments on this New Year offer, Roshan Kaluarachchi, Chief Marketing Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom said, “We have been committed and strived to provide services of the highest reliability and standards to our valued customers. As such, we continue to do our best to enhance and improve customer experiences. This is one such initiative where we have identified the need for higher capacities by our customers, and we have enhanced the data volume of these packages, without any increase in prices. We have a series of plans mapped out for this new year, in order to further improve our services to our customers in the months to come.”