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Banking on your TV? Now you can, with SLT PEO TV and Union Bank

SLT PEO TV has revolutionized the local Pay TV industry, bringing groundbreaking IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology to Sri Lanka and opening up a new world of possibilities for customers across the island. Another first, together with one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing Banks – Union Bank, SLT PEO TV has launched TV Banking, a novel banking portal that facilitates online banking services using the TV as an interface. Any of PEO TV's 55,000 plus customers who also bank with Union Bank can avail themselves of this amazing service. The advantages of TV Banking are numerous – some highlights include 24/7 account accessibility, facilitating day today banking transactions, moreover comfort of banking from one's own home and the ability to sit back, relax and not have to think of the hassle of queuing at the bank! Mr. Anil Amarasuriya - Director / CEO – Union Bank of Colombo PLC said “We are proud to have been the pioneering partner in this groundbreaking initiative. This service offers customers unmatched convenience and we anticipate that it will prove to be extremely popular. PEO TV shares Union Bank's vision of a nation in which people have many options and conveniences available to them, making their living easier. This initiative brings Sri Lanka closer to the global standard of services offered in the banking sector”. The services available via TV Banking are - Balance Inquiry, Utility bill payments including SLT, CEB, LECO, National Water Board, Telephone, Mobile and Insurance payments etc. Other services offered are Internal Fund Transfers between a customer’s own account and Third Party Fund Transfers to customers of Union or any other Bank. Customers can also view their Assets & Liabilities, and Fixed Deposit details. They will also be able to change their Union Bank passwords via TV. Speaking about SLT's future plans for bringing better service to the people of the nation, SLT CEO Mr. Greg Young said “Sri Lanka Telecom, the flagship telecommunication provider has turned a new leaf in the Pay Television industry with PEO TV and its unique features. Today with this pioneering initiative, banking services will be revolutionized adding value to banks and their customers. SLT’s plan is to increase the PEO TV subscriber base by end of 2012 with the “i Sri Lanka” project which has already demonstrated significant success; this Fiber infrastructure development will negate the current Broadband restriction allowing each Megaline household to access up to 20 MBPS bandwidth and bring this revolutionary service to our fixed Megaline customers”. Elaborating on the launch of this latest innovation on TV and Banking industry, Mr. Malraj Balapitiya, CEO SLT PEO TV and SLT Rainbow Pages, said “We will not restrict ourselves to provide channels and infotainment content, but will continue to be the “first to offer the best” to your home TV screen, today we offer you with Television banking and tomorrow surely with many innovative options, to make your home TV filled with personalized services and interactive experiences” Mr. Rajeev Munasinghe - Assistant Vice President - IT, Union Bank, stated that Union Bank is synonymous for launching technology driven products to the banking industry in Sri Lanka. UBC pioneered Internet Banking and several award winning products including Electronic Cheques. The collaboration of two strong teams, PEO TV and UBC has enabled us to develop yet another innovative concept, further strengthening our promise on superior service delivery to our customers. About PEO TV: Sri Lanka Telecom PLC introduced the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology to Sri Lanka under the brand name PEO TV (Personalized Entertainment Option). SLT PEO TV offers a host of services to its customers including Live TV Services, Time Shift TV, Rewind TV, Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand and many Interactive Applications &Services. SLT PEO TV currently owns an active subscriber base of 55,000 around the island and presently customers can enjoy over 60 local and international TV channels. About Union Bank: Established in 1995, as the 8th indigenous Bank, Union Bank is positioned to be the preferred Bank for the Small and Medium Enterprises and Retail sectors in Sri Lanka.  As one of Sri Lanka's fastest growing Banks, Union Bank offers its preferred customer segments a range of comprehensive financial solutions to support the development and growth of these sectors.  Known for its strong shareholder strength which includes high calibre local and foreign inventors, financial stability, innovative range of technology-driven products, supported by superior service delivery enables Union Bank to forge ahead as a key player in the Banking industry in Sri Lanka.