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Fazenda Smart Agro

Fazenda Smart Agro

Digitalizing Agro Sector with the evolution of IoT and AI

SLT-Mobitel Enterprise beings the Fazenda Smart Agro, an IoT and AI based agriculture management platform . With Fazenda Smart Agro, now you can monitor and optimize the condition of your plantation in real time. The platform offers a range of facilities to ensure optimum growth and harvesting for your crops and maximize your revenue.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Threshold monitoring
  • AI-based predictions
  • Harvest management
  • Crop analytics

Services & Features

  • Real-time visibility of environmental conditions (Soil, Water, Air & Weather) through the platform dashboard.
  • Provide accurate soil condition data to apply fertilizers, etc. This avoids overuse of fertilizers and other chemicals which affect negatively on crops.
  • The platform manages the irrigation system and ensures no waste of water and other soluble fertilizers.
  • Identify the current condition and provide insights for timely preparation for fertigation and irrigation.
  • Weather prediction and alerting system (SMS) for quick attention.
  • Both Fixed Pole and Portable tester options are available to choose.