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PEO TV Go is the latest, TV everywhere solution offered by PEO TV. PEO TV Go offers you the platform to enjoy more than 50+ local and international channels wherever you go.

Now you can watch your favorite PEO TV programmes and channels on PEO TV Go App or as a web application on your computer. The following features are avilable:

  • You can access your PEO TV account on 2 other devices.
  • Multi user option with multiple profile setups.
  • Video library and programme reminder options.
  • Rewind TV and other favorite PEO features.
  • Free access for PEO Titanium packages.



Number of devices


PEO Platinum and lower packages

1 device


PEO Platinum and lower packages

2 devices


PEO Titanium package

2 devices

Free of charge


  • How to subscribe
  • Download PEO TV Go app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Follows the registration process through the app or visit selfcare portal.
  • Enter your PEO TV connection details and complete the registration process.


Download Apps

Now you can download PEO TV Go apps for your Android or iOS device.


  • Terms and conditions
  • Above charges are exclusive of taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of purchase.
  • Relevant subscription fees are applicable for on-demand services.
  • Relevant charges for PEO TV Go will be inlcuded in your monthly bill.
  • Data charges are applicable for app usage. Refer your broadband package details for data charges.
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