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SLT-MOBITEL’s BizChat Introduces FB Chatbot to Support SMEs and Micro Businesses Transform Business Operations.

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider has enhanced its SLT-MOBITEL BizChat operation by introducing an exciting Facebook Chatbot, supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to ramp up their business operations on the social media platform, capitalising on the benefits of modern technology.

SLT-MOBITEL BizChat powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is an automated conversational experience, simulated through natural language that responds and engages with a large number of customer queries simultaneously. SLT-MOBITEL BizChat provides Sri Lankan companies a unique way to engage with customers on websites and on social media.

FB Chatbot as the latest addition to SLT-MOBITEL BizChat provides a smart solution and a novel method for small businesses to engage customers in the social media platform. While, installing the FB Chatbot is a simple process and includes copying a simple line of code and pasting it on the website, SLT-MOBITEL also provides installation services on request.

Importantly, placing FB Chatbot on the company’s Facebook page also ensures customers have direct access to intelligent interactions. Especially for smaller businesses that do not have a website, they receive the benefits of SLT-MOBITEL BizChat through a FB Chatbot as an ideal solution to optimise their online presence, meeting customer expectations and leveraging the power of social media.

Particularly during the pandemic where social distancing has become the new normal, and SMEs repeatedly endure setbacks, adopting a FB Chatbot is a valuable asset. The chatbot helps small businesses perform a range of key tasks including automating customer support, building brand awareness and even acquiring new customers through leads.

SLT-MOBITEL BizChat is of immense benefit to SMEs as it is an ideal solution to automate customer support and help desk conversations, and improve customer experiences with better service, speed and quality. With SLT-MOBITEL BizChat, SMEs can maintain customer interactions 24/7 and solve customer issues through automated replies. Incorporating this form of automation enables SMEs to focus on their core business, saving valuable time and resources.

Further information on the service may be obtained online via, by contacting 011 2389 389 or 070 500 4000 (WhatsApp only)

To ensure SMEs experience real-time tangible business results through the generation of new leads and sales, the SLT-MOBITEL Bizchat can be used on any device and, placed and optimized by professionals. By using the A/B testing process, the chatbot ensures the highest possible conversion rates compared to competitor bots.