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SLT telephone connections are available as Fibre, Megaline and 4G/LTE. Megaline and Fibre are the most reliable and superior quality wireline telephone connections which enables you to enjoy uninterrupted Voice, Broadband and PEO TV. 4G/LTE provide both Voice & Broadband services. All three connections offer a range of value added services.

SLT Broadband

Mega Line

Megaline, the always connected Wireline Telephone satisfies all your communication needs from crystal clear Voice to Broadband Internet to Interactive Television ( PeoTV) through a single telephone line. With your Megaline telephone, a range of pre-activated next generation value added services are at your fingertips and are easy to use.


SLT 4G/LTE connections (Fixed 4G/LTE Technology) are available in two different packages, depending on your requirement and range from Voice only package to Voice + Broadband.

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