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Old Calling Plans

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Old Calling Plans

This calling plan has been discontinued and is no longer available for new Megaline connections. However if you are an existing customer who is already using this calling plan, you can continue with it; or you have the option of migrating to the new calling plan if you wish to do so. You will be charged an administration fee of Rs. 750 for migration

  • Monthly Rentals
 SLT Owned Telephone Instrument (Rs.)Customer owned Telephone Instrument (Rs.)
Business and Official950870



  • Calling Plan
  • A start up fee of Rs. 1.50 is applicable for each successful call
  • Charged on per second basis


Per Minute Charge ( Rs.)
Call categoryPeakEconomyDiscount
SLT - SLT Local2.801.400.50
SLT - SLT National4.002.000.50
SLT - Other Fixed - Local3.201.600.05
SLT - Other Fixed - National4.602.300.50
SLT - Mobile4.602.300.50
dial-up Internet access1.400.700.25


Billing Discounts
Each customer will be entitled to free calls worth Rs.400 per month (maximum)
If call charges <= Rs. 400Bill Discount of 100% on usage charge
If call charges > Rs. 400Bill Discount of Rs. 400.00 on usage charge


  • Time Bands


Monday to Friday - 0700 hrs to 1800 hrs
Saturday - 0700 hrs to 1400 hrs
Monday to Friday - 0500 hrs to 0700 hrs and 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs
Saturday - 0500 hrs to 0700 hrs and 1400 hrs to 2100 hrs
Sundays and Public Holidays - 0500 hrs to 2100 hrs
Everyday - 2100 hrs to 2400 hrs and 0000 hrs to 0500 hrs

Above charges are exclusive of taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of billing.

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