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Premium IDD

SLT offers the most premium quality international call service in Sri Lanka which is available for almost all international destinations. So you can now enjoy the highest voice quality for international calls which is similar to your experience when you make a local call on your SLT landline.

SLT now offers affordable IDD rates to all countries, giving flexibility to choose the most suitable package according to your IDD requirements. All Megaline residential telephones are IDD enabled. Citylink customers can obtain the IDD facility on request. In case your telephone has not been activated with the IDD facility, please forward your request to the nearest SLT office or email to or simply call SLT Contact Center on 1212 to activate the IDD facility.

  • Notes
  • IDD rates are subject to taxes. Relevant taxes will be applicable at the time of card usage.

Does the SLT Megaline telephone at my home have the IDD facility?


Does an SLT business telephone customer have IDD facility?

SLT Business customers will have the IDD facility only if they have requested for the facility.

What do you mean by IDD?

International Direct Dialing.

Does SLT bill IDD on Per Second or Per Minute basis?

SLT bills all IDD calls on per second or minute basis as defined by each package.

Can I get the details of all IDD calls that I make?

Yes, all details are provided with your telephone bill.