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Data Offer - Terms and conditions

  • Only 20 winners will be selected each day during the period of the giveaway. All winners will be selected through a raffle draw.
  • All data coupons issued during the giveaway are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Anyone can take part in the giveaway while only Sri Lanka Telecom customers will be eligible to redeem data coupons.
  • Data coupons will be shared with the winners within five days of time after announcing the winners.
  • Winners will be announced through public posts shared on respective Sri Lanka Telecom official channels.
  • To become eligible for the giveaway, every contestant is expected to register within the 1-hour period specified by Sri Lanka Telecom on each platform.
  • ExtraGB coupons will be valid for 60 days upon activation.
  • One person will only be eligible for one chance at winning.
  • The validity periods of each data coupon upon activation is as follows
    • YouTube Data Bundle – 30 Days
    • Messenger Data Bundle – 30 Days
    • ExtraGB – 60 Days
  • The giveaway will be conducted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and the winners will be selected from each respective platform.
  • Any data coupon won by a contestant will not be exchanged to any other data package under any circumstance.
  • Any decision taken by Sri Lanka Telecom regarding the giveaway will be final.
  • The giveaway is subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Sri Lanka and the community rules and regulations of the relevant platforms in which the giveaway is conducted will be applicable.
  • Any contestant who takes part in the giveaway through fake accounts will be considered NOT eligible.

What are the SLT Broadband Terms and Conditions?

Please refer SLT Broadband Terms and Conditions

What can I do if power is out?

You can use a suitable rechargeable power adaptor to power up your devices. Visit eTeleshop for online purchases.

Download Broadband CPE configuration guides

ADSL Router configuration guide ( videos)

Firmware upgrade for ADSL CPEs

  • Firmware update for Prolink H5004NK Wireless Router Download

What is SLT Broadband (ADSL)?

Broadband is a method of connecting to the Internet. It is called broadband as it provides a high-speed Internet connection when compared with older methods of connecting which were generally termed narrowband.

ADSL is a broadband connection technology which utilizes existing copper wired telephone networks. ADSL uses a wide range of frequencies over an existing telephone line to deliver much higher speeds than your standard 56k modem (between 10 and 140 times faster). It is also possible to use your phone while online.

SLT broadband provides high speed uninterrupted internet at an affordable price.

What factors may affect broadband speed?

The actual speed you experience may vary substantially from theoretical values depending on the following factors:

  • The 'line profile' that is operative on your service SLT places Broadband services on an initial line profile that defines the technical parameters for each package and constrains maximum download speeds, in order to achieve the highest possible connection stability. SLT Customer Support Team may then change to optimal speed based on the feedback of customers to explore the tradeoff between speed and connection stability that applies for their individual situation.
  • The length of copper wire from your premises to the exchange
  • The number and Type of other digital services being used by other customers over copper pairs within the same cable sheath.
  • The configuration and line quality of the copper wire between the exchange and your premises
  • Electrical interference from outside sources (such as electric motors)
  • The configuration of the copper wiring within your premises
  • The software configuration and application on your computer (in particular how it uses the uplink back to the exchange)
  • The capabilities of your ADSL modem or router
  • The capacity of, load on, and data access rate of the destination host computer which you are accessing

    So it is quite true that the factors listed above will reduce your speed from theoretical values. The following parameters may be useful in understanding the advertised bandwidth.

    • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is the capacity of any broadband connection which determines the maximum amount of data it transports.

    In some situations subscribers would not be able to experience the maximum bandwidth as advertised in the package due to numerous technical reasons. In such situations maximum possible bandwidth would be provided to customers after conducting a technical evaluation test. However if the upper bandwidth exceeds the minimum permissible bandwidth which is referred to as the “minimum bandwidth”, the said package would not be issued to customers. Instead subscribers would be provided with another suitable package which supports his or hers line conditions.

    • Maximum & minimum bandwidth parameters


Connecting the Router/Modem and the Phone

Basic Components of a Router