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SLT-MOBITEL ‘Life at 300Mpbs’ blazes into 2024 elevating digital lifestyles with limitless possibilities.

Blazing in to 2024, SLT-MOBITEL ‘Life at 300 Mbps’ offers significantly unprecedented speeds to its Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband plans from existing levels, accelerating connectivity from January 01, embracing the digital evolution, and responding to the escalating demand for faster internet.

Reflecting the company's commitment to delivering limitless, exceptional user experiences and looking forward to the future, the speed upgrade will automatically apply to all existing fibre subscribers as well as new customers choosing monthly rental packages. Customers need not pay any additional charges or change their plans to take advantage of the faster ‘Life at 300Mbps’ broadband speeds and 150Mbps upload speeds. To ensure high-quality internet connectivity even at peak usage times, SLT-MOBITEL has invested in network capacity upgrades.

For new SLT-MOBITEL Fibre subscribers, amazing prizes awaits, including the evolutionary high-speed internet that will have an impact on every aspect of their daily lives.

SLT-MOBITEL understands that the digital world requires higher internet speeds to seamlessly power data-driven applications. As technology advances, users increasingly require higher bandwidth to accommodate data-intensive applications. As a customer-focused brand, SLT-MOBITEL ‘Life at 300Mbps’ aims to empower fibre subscribers with future-forward empowered connectivity from the dawn of the New Year, meeting their evolving digital lifestyle needs.

The threefold speed enhancement enables SLT-MOBITEL’s Fibre customers to enjoy faster and more reliable connectivity, unlocking the potential of streaming, surfing, gaming, downloading, and more high-bandwidth online activities.

The broadband speed enhancement offers smoother HD streaming, uninterrupted large downloads, lower-latency online gaming, glitch-free video calls, and virtual meetings, elevating user digital experiences and a smoother, more enjoyable user journey. Customers can seamlessly consume content, engage in online activities with real-time responsiveness, and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

SLT-MOBITEL's commitment to meeting internet demand not only positions the company as a market leader but also showcases dedication to providing cutting-edge services. With the fibre speed enhancement to 300Mbps, SLT-MOBITEL remains at the forefront of delivering high-performance internet solutions, empowering users to stay connected, entertained, and productive in the digital age