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SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise elevates enterprise communications for Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka with bilateral agreement.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise, delivering best-in-class technology for the enterprise segment, has signed a bilateral agreement with Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC, Sri Lanka's trailblazing financial institution, to revolutionize the landscape of enterprise communications in Sri Lanka.

The landmark partnership reinforces both organizations' commitment to drive innovation and connectivity for businesses across the country. Marking the milestone collaboration, the agreement was signed between Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO – SLT-MOBITEL Group, and Dammika Hapuhinna, CEO - Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC. Present on the occasion were Lakmal Jayasinghe, Chief Business Officer - Enterprise Business of SLT-MOBITEL Group, Thishan Gonagala, Head of Information Technology - Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC and several other officials from both organizations.

The collaboration builds upon a strong history of mutual cooperation dating back to 2014, when MBSL became a valued government customer of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. Notably, today, Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka ranks among the top corporate clients of SLT-MOBITEL, demonstrating the strength and significance of their longstanding relationship.

Under the terms of the agreement, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise will provide Merchant Bank Co-Location Service, Data Networking Services, and Enterprise Business Internet Services, together with the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and comprehensive voice solutions.

Importantly, SLT-MOBITEL's state-of-the-art Tier 3 Uptime Certified Data Center will provide several key benefits to Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka in supporting their IT operations and enhancing their business capabilities.

The agreement was signed and exchanged between Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO – SLT-MOBITEL Group, and Dammika Hapuhinna, CEO - Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC.

The cutting-edge facility, located in Pitipana, Sri Lanka, demonstrates SLT-MOBITEL’s strong commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in data services. Reinforced by certifications including Uptime Data Center Tier, Green Gold, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the Data center is poised to efficiently manage customers’ IT workloads. Its comprehensive suite of services includes co-location services, dedicated server hosting, a special caging facility, workspace for business continuity, and cross-connection, positioning SLT-MOBITEL as the premier choice for enterprise data solutions.

Overall, SLT-MOBITEL's state-of-the-art Data center offers Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka a secure, scalable, and highly available IT infrastructure solution, enabling them to enhance their operational efficiency, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and better serve their customers while aligning with industry best practices and sustainability goals.

SLT-MOBITEL is confident that its proven expertise and next-generation Data center will deliver unparalleled communication solutions to elevate operational efficiencies and unlock new growth opportunities for the bank. The partnership also signifies a shared vision to revolutionize Sri Lanka's enterprise communications landscape and create enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and innovation across the business ecosystem.