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SLT iSupplier

Welcome to SLT iSupplier. Those who wish to supply goods and services should be registered with SLT Procurement Division. Please refer to the below instructions and submit the required forms, supportive documents to enrol as a supplier. Registered suppliers will get access to SLT iSupplier portal.

Login to the iSupplier

Additional Information

  • At the completion of iSupplier registration you will be received “supplier registration confirmation” message via e-mail. Suppliers who receive “Supplier registration confirmation” with account validity period will only be eligible for participating tenders. You will be notified of the tender notices via system emails (ERP WORK FLOW mailer) and iSupplier portal notifications. Do not reply to ERP WORK FLOW mailer. It’s a system generated e-mail.
  • If there is a change of contact point to the company, pls. update new details within your user account OR submit “Supplier Change of Contact Details” form (Annex C under Application for iSupplier Registration) at your earliest.
  • Please refer iSupplier registration guide for renewal details : iSupplier Registration User Guide
  • For further clarifications, pls. call 0112 324 312.