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Step in to the ‘Future of Customer Support’ with SLT BizChat.

The pioneer of digital services provider in the country, Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) further broadening its ICT support to SMEs, recently launched a new service, SLT BizChat.

In an ever-evolving digital environment, it is essential to keep customers captivated around the clock and this is a belief of global business community in modern era.  SLT BizChat has been introduced to empower you with the latest automated chat bot solution.

A seminar was conducted for the business community and representatives recently at the Hatch Auditorium in Colombo to explore the possibilities and effectiveness of improving self-customer service through SLT BizChat.

Deputy General Manager /SLT, Mr. Thilak R. Thilakaratne, made observations on how SLT BizChat can be used as an automated customer service officer to maintain customer support for 24 hours a day.

SLT BizChat service developed as chat bot model using Artificial Intelligence allows businesses to take their business or service to customers, share information or give guidelines in a language preferred by the customer by way of a dialogue. It was also highlighted the ability to provide services to a large number of customers simultaneously via the chat bot as it gets auto updated. He also emphasized that SLT BizChat is a secure, data-driven service that enables users to easily customize the technology.

Entrepreneurs using SLT BizChat will be able to connect directly to interactive forms, search bots, live-chat, as well as multilingual translation, data and information analysis, customer service management and integration with the Facebook Business Page.

Mr. Ravin Tharinda-Deputy General Manager / SME Development Division of SLT commented on the importance of using digital technology for SMEs and the benefits of SLT BizChat. It is emphasized that SLT BizChat can provide customer support for hotels, stores, online retailers, private hospitals, educational institutions, distributing goods to customers, supermarkets, real estate and any other services that require customer support through the internet.

Mrs. Ishari Siriwardena- General Manager /SLT Digital Project, Mr. Dinesh Perera, -Deputy General Manager / SLT Digital Project and Ms. Dilshaani Wijeratne - Manager /Service Form, who assisted in the creation of SLT BizChat, further educated the customers.

Entrepreneurs who buy SLT BizChat facility before 20 February, 2020 will get 3- months free of charge service.