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SLTMobitel – PEOTV and DP Education initiate ‘Videsa DP Education’ (CH.215) with 48 hours of Rewind TV.

Colombo, September 16, 2021 – SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider has teamed up with DP Education, to launch ‘Videsa DP Education’, a dedicated educational channel on SLTMobitel–PEOTV, ensuring school children from Grade Five to Advanced Level have access to a high-quality learning experience with Rewind TV.

The revolutionary services of SLTMobitel-PEOTV includes ‘Videsa’ a series of educational channels hosted on the platform, that comprise of 06 TV channels dedicated to individual grades covering grades 06 to 11, that enhance the knowledge sharing with curriculum-centered lessons from a panel of reputed teachers. DP Education, a unique online learning platform leverages digital solutions to deliver quality education to empower students. In, Videsa and DP Education, enrich the educational arena further with the ‘Videsa DP Education’ channel (CH.215), a dedicated television space for the students at home.

This path-breaking partnership is a commitment by SLTMobitel–PEOTV to support the education of children, whose options are limited due to the challenges convergence posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative will use the home TV screen and mobile devices as a ubiquitous medium to impart knowledge providing access to quality education for students across the country.

Commenting on the initiative, Rohan Fernando, Group Chairman, SLT said, “We understand that parents are now faced with the challenge of keeping their children safe during the pandemic as well as having to deal with the ongoing disturbances to their children's education. As a solution to ensure that their learning remains uninterrupted, we have already introduced six different channels for Grade 6 to Grade 11 students through our Videsa digital platform. Our latest initiative and partnership with DP Education has now enabled us to launch a dedicated channel with unique learning experiences in key subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English for students from Grade 5 to Advanced Level with the Rewind TV facility. We are appreciative of the exceptional efforts extended by Mr. Dammika Perera and his team at DP Education and are grateful for the opportunity to connect the two learning platforms together in unison to create a revolutionary learning experience for our children”.

The new ‘Videsa DP Education’ dedicated channel available on channel number 215, will benefit millions of students in the country on SLTMobitel-PEOTV. The dedicated channel will also feature lessons based on the local educational curriculum in Sinhala, Tamil and English, to customers connected on SLTMobitel-PEOTV and PEOTVGO App.

“Currently, there are 700,000 students affiliated with DP Education and among them are children who use PEOTV and the PEOTVGO App for their education. As our social responsibility to support our nation’s children, we have partnered with SLT-MOBITEL to provide free lessons conducted by DP Education from Grade 5 to Grade 12 for subjects such as English, Science and Mathematics. I am thankful to the Chairman and staff of SLT-MOBITEL who have joined DP Education to uplift the education of our children. It is indeed fulfilling to note that both our organisations are truly