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SLT Speed Up “Rata Wata” journey begins

  • Broadband connectivity through multiple options; Fibre, ADSL & 4G LTE

  • More than 50% mega discounts for new connections and installment payment plans

  • 50% more data volume free

The 1st of October 2015 signaled the beginning of Sri Lanka Telecom’s Speed Up journey, “Rata Wata”, which started off at SLT headquarters in Fort. This is to mark the SLT Broadband campaign throughout the month of October. The key purposes of the campaign are to emphasize the available Internet options and solutions provided by SLT Broadband under the theme “SLT Speed Up” as well as to enhance public awareness about SLT Broadband and its product portfolio around the country. To emphasize the importance of the campaign all staff members of SLT made a solemn pledge to do all in their power to “provide internet solutions that suit every lifestyle” through the SLT Speed Up “Rata Wata” journey.

The fundamental goal of SLT lies in delighting their customers with better value, service and lifestyle through enhanced quality products and services. Also by expanding their broadband footprint and customer relevant technologies such as Optical Fibre, 4G LTE and ADSL, SLT hopes to drive broadband-based consumers and businesses forward making broadband services more affordable and connecting more homes & businesses. SLT further provides an extensive range of broadband Internet services and solutions in order to cater to the demands of all sectors and lifestyles.

The primary features of this campaign are: SMARTLINE Fiber Optic connections at a 50% discounted price for Rs. 12,500/- and upwards with free router with Wi-Fi capability, cordless phone in addition to standard phone. Megaline (wired) and 4G LTE (wireless) connections that have been discounted over 50% and offered for just Rs. 2,900/- and upwards that come with a free router with Wi-Fi capability. Also the upgrading of Citylink CDMA connections to 4G LTE or Megaline at just Rs. 1,900/- including free routers with Wi-Fi capability. All these offers include installment payment plans. PEO TV option is available with SMARTLINE and Megaline connections. Further 50% free data is available for all new broadband connections in the following month.