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SLT officials recognized at INET Colombo 2015 for their contribution towards ICT in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the leading ICT solutions provider in Sri Lanka was recognized at the biggest ICT event in Sri Lanka, INET Colombo 2015, for its contribution towards pioneering networking and the advancement of the internet in Sri Lanka over the last 20 years.

Mr. P.K. Wickramarachi, former MD of SLT for the period 1991 to 1995, Mr. Ajith Silva (GM / SME Solutions SLT) and Mr. M.I. Deen  (GM / Enterprise Solutions SLT) were awarded plaques of appreciation for the key roles played in the company in leading the development of networking and internet in Sri Lanka during the past 20 years.

Mr. P.K. Wicramarachi who was also the first MD of SLT played a key role in the transformation process of SLT and obtaining global connectivity to Sri Lanka, where he was responsible for obtaining admission as a terminal party to the SEA-ME-WE 2 optical fibre submarine cable at a critical stage. This, together with the transportable digital satellite earth station in Padukka and the trailer international gateway switch boosted international services in Sri Lanka to a high standard.

Mr. Ajith Silva, was responsible for the launch of the first data network in Sri Lanka in 1993, connecting Universities in Colombo, Moratuwa as well as the Open University of Sri Lanka. He also headed several other key projects in the company such as the launch of the commercial internet and email services in 1994 and other major networking projects such as SchoolNet that connects 1500 schools across the island, LGN (Lanka Government Network) connecting 400+ government offices, LEARN that connects all universities across the island through optical fibre connectivity as well as Nenasala; which were key projects that had a major impact in the development of networking and ICT in the country. He also founded the Corporate Marketing Division (presently Enterprise Sales Division) at SLT in 1998 and managed it till 2008”.

Mr. M.I. Deen, was responsible for heading three transformative projects in Sri Lanka amongst several other projects that has revolutionized the internet experience in the country. He played a key role in the development of the internet from its inception, leading the fundamental architectural transformation of the internet network in Sri Lanka. He was also responsible for heading the broadband revolution in Sri Lanka with the launch of ADSL in the year 2002. In addition to this, SLT launched the first IPTV (internet protocol television) in Sri Lanka, revolutionizing entertainment and the television viewing experience in the country, under the leadership of Mr. Deen.

SLT, together with its dedicated team of staff, has been responsible for driving ICT in Sri Lanka by leaps and bounds, having been passionately committed to making ICT available to the masses at affordable prices.