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SLT-MOBITEL Wants Dreamers to Step Forward for Sri Lanka.

In a quest to improve the lives of 22 million Sri Lankans, SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider is calling on ‘Dreamers’ - visionaries, inventors, geniuses and outside-the-box thinkers - to step forward with prototypes or working solutions that can meaningfully alleviate the larger problems or concerns the country is facing.

SLT-MOBITEL launched its #NoDreamTooBig campaign recently seeking ‘Dreamers’ working on making their biggest dreams a reality through the innovative utilisation of the same technology, connected tools and devices available to all Sri Lankans. SLT-MOBITEL is calling on these Dreamers to come forward and apply to the Dreamers Wanted project, with the aim of supporting them realise those dreams as we strive to come out these uncertain times stronger, as one Sri Lanka.

Applicants ready to make the ordinary extraordinary using the knowledge, resources and technology on earth accessible to us, are invited to visit www.sltmobitel.Ik/dreamerswanted, and submit an application with a short explainer video demonstrating the prototype or invention in action. They can apply in their language of choice, and will receive automatic notification upon application submission.

The Dreamers Wanted Evaluation Team (DWET) comprising SLT-MOBITEL officials and distinguished education experts from local universities will review and shortlist the applications in a continuous selection process to ensure the best ideas are chosen for further development, with the greatest care. Once shortlisted, Dreamers will go through interviews, pitch events, and demo and question and answer sessions. so that the best of the innovations will be selected to receive immediate support to help take the project forward swiftly.

SLT-MOBITEL’s pioneering Group R&D initiative ‘The Embryo’, created to drive a multi-channel innovation pipeline to build cutting-edge digital solutions to serve the nation using the valuable knowledge and skills within the SLT Group and collaborating with Academia, Industry, Integrators and Entrepreneurs; will be spearheading the ‘Dreamers Wanted’ initiative. Onboarding the innovation, SLT-MOBITEL will work with the ‘Dreamers’ to retrofit the solution according to the needs and wants of the country. The process will be also aligned with agencies such as banks, investors, SLT-MOBITEL sales and other distribution networks in order to operationalize the solution. Dreamers will receive organisational support from SLT-MOBITEL, including marketing and sales, regulatory advice to overcome any issues, financial support and infrastructure reinforcement so that the most robust results are produced.  

For more information on ‘Dreamers Wanted’, visionaries, inventors, geniuses and outside-the-box thinkers can call 1212 or 1717 or visit to partner SLT-MOBITEL and bring their ideas for a stronger Sri Lanka to life.