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SLT-MOBITEL Annual Report 2020 wins another prestigious honour.

The Sri Lanka Telecom Annual Report 2020 won another prestigious honour recently, when it was recognized at the South Asian Federation of Accountant (SAFA) Best presented Annual Reports Awards, Integrated Reporting Awards and SAARC Anniversary awards for Corporate Governance Disclosure 2020 competition. The Report won the main award in the ‘Communication and Information Technology sector’ category.

Receipt of this distinguished accolade signifies the organization has achieved excellence in presentation and disclosure of high quality, relevant, reliable and objective information in the financial statements in accordance with the international framework.

This year’s ceremony was organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL). Pictured U.H. Rodrigo, DGM, Financial Accounting & Taxation and Umesha Sandarenu, Manager, Public Relations, accepting the award on behalf of Sri Lanka Telecom.