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SLT connects Media Centres to the WORLD during the visit of His Holiness the POPE to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s national ICT solutions provider, SLT, successfully enabled its integrated, intelligent business communication solutions at the Media Centres providing ultra-high speed connectivity services to international media organisations as well as local media institutes to broadcast to the entire world, live video coverages and photos of the visit of His Holiness the Pope Francis to Sri Lanka in January,. More than 300 journalists, representing approximately 200 local and 100 foreign media organisations reported and broadcast this historic visit via the state of the art electronic media platform unveiled by SLT.

SLT was at the forefront in facilitating all the media broadcasts from the Media Centres via state–of–the–art communication solutions. The company believes that it was an excellent opportunity to enable all media personnel to report this visit to Sri Lanka to the entire world. In terms of ICT services, journalists were heavily reliant on ultra-high speed dedicated internet connectivity (SLT’s Business internet Line), SLT Wi-Fi and Local area network (LAN) solution for the entire broadcasting operation with loads of many uploads and downloads, video streaming and other contents such as photography and reporting activities.

Commenting on this, the Group CEO of SLT, Mr. Lalith de Silva said “We see this historical occasion of the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Sri Lanka as a monumental event and thus were very keen to provide world class ICT solutions to enhance the communications capability to facilitate the media - both foreign and local - to cover this event with the maximum quality and precision. As our infrastructure was well in place and synergized with the comprehensive solutions that were identified by our team, we were able to deliver a highly effective world class communications mechanism that proved to be totally reliable and robust. This in effect ensured that the events at both Colombo and at the Madhu Church were captured and broadcast with unprecedented clarity both here in Sri Lanka as well as internationally.“

SLT’s communication solutions comprise of multiple services including a cutting - edge Wi-Fi system for concurrent users, LAN to connect multiple locations, dedicated Business Internet lines to connect with Eurovision Global Network, Vatican radio, Media centres located in Galle Face Green, Madhu Church, ITN, SLRC and Media controlling stations whilst ensuring the highest quality, speed, reliability and uninterrupted service that is matched by none