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Sky Network Private Limited launches Skymax- the first ever WiMAX 16e broadband service in Sri Lanka

Sky Network Private Limited, a BOI approved Company belonging to the Sri Lanka Telecom Group, is proud to introduce WiMAX 16e, popularly known as 4G technology, to Sri Lanka. It is marketed under the brand name Skymax, which is inspired by Sky Network, the provider, and WiMAX, the technology. Furthermore, the name suggests maximum functionality and efficiency, both of which are now within the reach of the discerning customer.

This technology, already available in countries like the US, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Malaysia, offers the customer superior performance at the most cost-effective price.

The WiMAX 16e Broadband Service of Sky Network will offer a superior broadband experience for the household customer, while the SME and corporate sector could enjoy a broadband service with certified information rates. The offering will soon incorporate other value added features such as usage and quality of service (QoS) based charging models and web based payment options.

“Our vision is to give each and every person in Sri Lanka the freedom to access high-speed broadband connectivity and digital content, anywhere in the island at anytime” said Mr. Mahinda B. Herath, CEO of Sky Network. He went on to say that they strive to maintain the best possible price-performance ratio.

The core business of Sky Network is BWA or Broadband Wireless Access, thus reducing the cost and hassle of setting up.  Several areas have already been earmarked for Skymax technology and plans are underway for businesses and residents of these areas to experience the wonders of 4G technology.