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Lotus Tower - SLT’s gigantic technological achievement.

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the premier telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka is delighted to announce its epic accomplishment in the arena of technological infrastructure with the utmost dedication and commitment of the entire SLT family.

The ‘Lotus Tower – Multifunctional TV and Telecommunications Tower’ is foreseen to be one of the significant landmarks and an epitome of Sri Lankan economy, culture and development. Few years back, SLT partnered with China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation, the main contractor of this project and signed a MoU with TRCSL to develop ICT solutions of this magnificent architectural building.

The time has arrived to present the fulfilment of this mammoth venture carried out by SLT. The infrastructure is built with fibre optic cables and is fully equipped with necessary telecommunication equipment which are supported in two ways ensuring zero downtime incidences. To elaborate further, if one line turns out to be faulty, the second line would definitely perform as the back-up since the installed fibre optic cables are furnished to serve as a resilient network. Accordingly, all the technological services and devices will run smoothly even without a mild disturbance.

The exceptional and intricate fibre optic telecommunication infrastructure on the Lotus Tower can be categorised into two main parts. Under the ‘Basic Telecommunication Infrastructure Development’, SLT focused on three substantial deliverances. Firstly, this sophisticated telecommunication infrastructure can cater to all Enterprise level, SME and Consumer customers’ telecommunication needs simultaneously. Secondly, other telecommunication service providers in the country also can perform their network and service platforms on the built infrastructure of SLT. Thirdly, the Lotus Tower is expected to be Sri Lanka’s ‘Digital TV Tower’ in the long run. Considering the forthcoming requirements of digital TV broadcasters, SLT has already laid the desirable telecommunication infrastructural paths to transport content to ‘Lotus Tower’ from their respective control centres.

The second main segment of this advanced infrastructure is introduced as ‘Extra Light Voltage Solution/Weak Current System’. SLT partnered with the main contractor of the lotus tower project to develop ICT Solutions under 14 sub-systems of internal telephones, LAN – WAN and IPTV, Information Publishing, Building Management, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Control, Public Addressing, Walkie-Talkie (wireless intercom), Wireless Patrolling, Energy Management, Fire Detection and Alarming, Smart Solutions for VIP guest rooms, Wireless Ordering Solution(for revolving Restaurant and Banquet Halls) and GPS Synchronized Digital Clock System.

Excited Sri Lankans can experience, eyewitness and relish on all meticulously arranged facilities exclusively provided by Sri Lanka’s national telecommunication partner, SLT, with the grand opening of the ‘Lotus Tower’ on 16 September 2019.