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A simple telephone line holds much importance as it connects your business with your customers both inside and out. A missed call from a consumer could potentially be a loss to your business. We understand that better than anyone. In order to help your business, we introduce you to our communication solutions so that you will never miss another call.

With our communication solutions we provide your business with a host of communication services for the betterment of your company.

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  • Telephony Services

    Unlimited Voice Packages

    Mobile Voice

    Partnered with our mobile arm Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd, we offer you mobile-based communication solutions.

    Unlimited Voice Package
    • Unlimited calls within the Mobitel network
    • 2,000 minutes free for off-net networks
    • 2GB monthly for the first 03 months
    • Monthly rental of Rs.1,500 
    Unlimited voice and data package
    • Unlimited calls within the Mobitel network - Free 2,000 off–net minutes
    • Unlimited data - Monthly rental of Rs.3,999 
    i-moved Service

    Enjoy the service of having an effective transitional period when you move to a Mobitel connection from any other service provider.

    With this service you will receive an SMS and a pre-recorded message on your number change whilst you will receive an alert on every call that you receive to your previous number.

    Business Holtline

    Offers your customers the convenience of calling your business through a hotline number. This will help you in communicating with ease and will ensure that you do not miss any customer queries.

    Premium Number

    Provides you with a telephone number that is easy to recognize and remember, in order to facilitate easy recall and is advantageous in marketing communications.

    Business IDD

    Connect your business globally with clarity at competitive market rates.


    IP Trunk Line
    • High-quality voice
    • Scalable and flexible deployment
    • Maximum availability

    IP Trunk line service enables you to manage multiple concurrent calls without the need of several direct lines to serve your business needs.

    High-quality voice services provided over an islandwide SLT IP network to stay connected both within your business premises and out.

    Supports direct inward and outward dialing and can be purchased as 5-block simultaneous sessions.