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Cloud POS Systems

Easy-to-use, fully integrated POS (Point of Sale) systems where stocks are monitored and maintained through cutting edge technology. You have the ability to carry out sales activities using a touchscreen TAB or a general PC (Personal Computer).

One Time Charges:

  • CloudPOS service charge :  Rs.2,000
Monthly rental

Package Name

Monthly Subscription Price (Rs)

6 Month Lump Sum


12 Month Lump Sum


Merchant Basic


2750 x 6 = 16,500

2632 x 12 = 31,584

Merchant Standard


3715 x 6 = 22,290

3555 x 12 = 42,660

Merchant Professional


5499 x 6 = 32,994

5265 x 12 = 63,180

Merchant Premium


6392 x  6 = 38,352

6120 x 12 = 73,440


Hardware available at installment basis (3/6 months 2%, 12 months 5%)

One time charge (installation)

  • Cloud POS hardware charge Rs.5,000

Retail ERP

A special solution for small businesses.

List all your products and easily keep track of your orders, sales, distributions, and purchase details. Carry out your day-to-day business activities more efficiently

  • POS
  • Inventory
  • Sales reports
  •  Purchasing

Queue Management System

Provide better customer service and satisfaction by managing your customer meetings more effectively and efficiently. Simplify meeting and waiting processes by issuing tokens.

Restaurant Management System

Automate the day-to-day running activities of your restaurant. Get accurate business records, reduce downtime, provide an efficient service, and improve customer engagement.

Solution Description

  • Loyalty scheme management (Loyalty Card & Memberships)
  • Point of sale
  •  KOT/BOT Management
  • Sales Reports

Appointment Management System

Manage customer appointments more easily and efficiently. This allows your customers to book their preferred time before visiting your office.

Web Design & Hosting

Build an attractive and fully responsive website for your business.

  • Faster service delivery
  • Low cost
  • 24-hour technical support

Microsoft Office 365 and MS Teams

Helps to get your online work done more securely and cost effectively.

Vehicle Fleet Management System

Manage your vehicle fleet more efficiently

  • GPS Tracking (With the ability to clearly observe from the beginning to the end of the journey)
  • Real time fuel level monitoring

Ecommerce Platform

Make use of our unmatched retail consumer service platform designed for web and mobile, which will ensure scalable and long-term growth. It includes features such as retail platform, mobile delivery, shopping carts, end to end transactions, order placement processes and more.

It is an innovative state of the art platform that enables retailers and customers to connect with online businesses which in turn will ease the retailing tasks as well as enhance customer shopping experience. This will aid retailers to forecast the demand and inventory to achieve greater efficiency, control, and profitability


Cloud based learning management system to connect teachers and students in the cyber space.

Conduct live or pre-recorded sessions to 20,000 students with

  • Separate virtual classrooms for each grade/course
  • Interactive sessions
  • Shared study notes
  • Upload mock exams, questionnaires
  • Online examinations
  • Certification and grading
  • Monetarization – Course fee collection
  • Low price data packs.