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Sri Lanka Telecom Focuses on Intelligent Business Solutions

Submitted by osandacm on Thu, 06/02/2022 - 14:40

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the nation’s premier telecom provider, is focusing strongly on its business solutions as an innovative response to a fundamental factor between ICT and telephony- the value of time and money. With greater emphasis placed on SLTs integrated business communications technology, corporates and companies can successfully minimize inventory through reliability, speed and flexibility.

SLTs Intelligent Solutions which represent an array of integrated corporate information are on par with international standards.  Synergized by the strength of NTT Communications Corporation of Japan and infused with the technological impetus of local expertise, these intelligent solutions can extend a realm of opportunity for a corporate to reach greater heights.  Commenting on unveiling of the intelligent business solutions portfolio, SLT CEO Shuhei Anan stated “In a world in which time is critical and data is vital, these business communications solutions will enable customers to enjoy increased market share and achieve high returns on their businesses, whilst maintaining the highest security and data protection devices.” This will “further strengthen the SLT’s position as the undisputed integrated communication service provider” said Mr Anan.

SLTs Intelligent Solutions deliver next-generation communication with a number of key technologies and platforms in areas such as data, voice and networking. These services are supported by our MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) based IP backbone built on SLTs island wide optical fibre ring network. This IP backbone offers a host of services such as IP - VPN, ADSL, voice VPN's and broadband centred hosting. SLT's state-of-­the-art Internet Data Centre complements all the above service offerings by handling hosting and housing requirements for customers' mission critical applications. We have extended our services beyond the shores of Sri Lanka in offering wideband connectivity to international destinations using International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC) over SEA-ME-WE undersea cables and satellite routes.

SLTs highly specialized technicians will provide specific solutions in developing a comprehensive user solution tailored to suit every need. SLT will act as a power partner in each customer’s business enterprise in setting up, expanding and supporting the core business with secure IT systems and connectivity that will facilitate expansion combined with dedication, professionalism and care.

Sri Lanka Telecom ( is one of the country’s most vital utility companies with an annual turnover in excess of Rs.22 billion. The company has a customer base of 860,000 including multinational corporations, large and small corporates, retail and domestic customers. Today, with NTT of Japan as a strategic partner, SLT provides facilities and services to its customers, which are unmatched in scope. These services range from domestic and international voice, advance data transmission services which include internet services on leased lines, broadband [on ADSL] and dial up, data circuits, frame relay solutions, to IP based services such as IP-VPN, total solutions of combination of multiple services, satellite uplink services and mobile telephony through fully owned subsidiary Mobitel. The company was also awarded an AAA (sri) rating by a Fitch Ratings Lanka followed by a B+ international rating by Fitch International and Standard & Poor’s.


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