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Mobitel offers a first of its kind dual IDD option to its subscribers

Submitted by osandacm on Thu, 06/02/2022 - 14:43

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd - the country's fastest growing national GSM network - today became the first to launch an innovative dual International Direct Dialling (IDD) solution for Mobitel subscribers. Now IDD enabled customers have the all important choice of making international calls via the Mobitel network through a high quality service with crystal clear clarity or lower cost alternative with an acceptable level of service quality. This facility – called IDD PREMIER for crystal clear connections and IDD BUDDY for economical connections – allows customers a wider choice in IDD calling.

In keeping with the launch of this new dual IDD facility, Mobitel’s Chairman, Mr. Anil Obeyesekere PC, remarked that this enhanced service was introduced in keeping with the needs of Mobitel’s key customer segments. This is part of the company’s ongoing imperative to understand and meet the expectations of its customers..

Speaking at the launch, Mobitel’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Suren J. Amarasekera, said this dual IDD facility provides the customer with the one thing he needs more – Choice. By turning control of IDD over to customer, the IDD PREMIER and IDD BUDDY services allow customers the on-the-spot or call by call choice of making two different types of calls with the added convenience of making business grade calls or informal chatting a reality.

Created primarily  for  the  corporate  setting  where  every  word  makes a difference in  doing  business, the advantage of the IDD PREMIER option is that users will have access to a high grade bilaterally established  connection with call clarity at  its optimum.
IDD PREMIER can be accessed by simply dialling “00” followed by the country code, the area code, and  the phone number, or by first dialling "+" followed by the country code, the area code, and  the phone number. The result is that users enjoy access to a virtually crystal clear call connection. In addition, Mobitel also offers some of the lowest and most competitive IDD rates for such calls to any country the world over.

Meanwhile, IDD BUDDY was developed for individuals to maintain and enrich their relationships with friends, family and colleagues through cost sensitive calling. This option is designed primarily using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology.. The process essentially works by transferring voice calls into data and then transmitting them over the IP networks to a recipient’s point of presence, which in turn transfers the data back to voice and forwards the calls to their final destination called party.
The IDD BUDDY facility can be used by IDD enabled Mobitel subscribers by first dialling “100” followed by the country code, the area code, and the phone number. The use of this method of calling allows users to connect economically to 30 countries initially.

The added advantage in using the Mobitel network for IDD is that all calls are billed on a “per second” rate. In addition, Mobitel IDD connections are available at minimal costs, while Pre-Paid users get this facility free of charge.

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd is the only indigenous mobile services provider in Sri Lanka to date – a 100% wholly owned Sri Lankan company. In January 2004, Mobitel launched its full–fledged GSM network that is EDGE/GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual bands.  Mobitel’s GSM service saw an unprecedented growth of 300%. Mobitel’s investments to date in its GSM service offering totals over US$ 140 million and is set to  increase the present 310 base stations to 600 base stations and more than double Mobitel’s GSM network subscriber capacity and enhance its existing coverage to meet the growing demand. Mobitel recently pioneered a range of customised menu-driven over the air (OTA) value added services which enables the customer to enjoy hassle-free downloading of information without the inconvenience of having to remember a list of short codes. These services range from usage balance and billing details to sports and financial updates as well as a range of infotainment options. This unique service is even available whilst roaming.

Mobitel also provides an extensive roaming network across the globe with very attractive rates to all key destinations, and has the distinction of being the only network to offer pre-paid roaming to its subscriber base.


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