Welcome to Sri Lanka Telecom PLC’s Annual Report 2016

This Annual Report 2016 of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC is an integrated report. It provides a comprehensive yet concise communication on the relationships and interdependent aspects that formulate our business. It considers the issues of strategy, governance, performance and prospects within the encapsulation of prolonged and sustainable value creation.

The section on Business Model, outlines the concepts that build up the structure of our reporting approach. We continually elaborate on the twin importance of value creation and capital formation throughout the Report.

This Report draws on concepts, principles and instructions at applicable times from:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4
  • The International Integrated Reporting Framework
  • The Smart Integrated Reporting MethodologyTM.

Report Boundary

This Annual Report addresses the operations of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and its subsidiaries. As such, they are identified as ‘SLT’ or the ‘Company’ on an individual basis; and ‘Group’ on a collective one.

Following on from the preceding years, key financial aspects are to be discussed in the context of the Company and the Group. The SLT Group’s business operations are made up of fixed ICT operations and mobile ICT operations. Consequently, these two segments are identified separately in the Management Discussion and Analysis section. Where appropriate, they may be aggregated and termed as ‘ICT business’ and correctly identified as such.


This Report covers the 12-month period 1 January to 31 December 2016, and as such is concordant with our habitual reporting cycle for financial and sustainability reporting.

We do not notice any noteworthy changes in scope nor aspect boundaries from preceding reporting periods. The immediate preceding Annual Report, dated 29 March 2016, covering the 12-month period ending 31 December 2015, is available on the corporate website www.slt.lk

Precautionary Principle

The Company applies a stringent precautionary principle with regards to social and environmental sustainability. We are highly cognisant that our operations cause reciprocal impacts on society and the environment, and we take all necessary actions to alleviate such risks.


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