Management Discussion and Analysis
Business Partner Capital

SLT joins hands with diverse local and global enterprises to secure the timely acquisition of goods, services and technological products, in line with achieving our objectives. We share reciprocal relationships and mutual successes with all our partners.

New Strategic Alliances, Collaborations and Joint Ventures

Fixed ICT operations

SLT recently partnered with six reputed ICT infrastructure suppliers in Sri Lanka to deliver ever-more exceptional solutions to its customers.

These collaborations will allow customers to purchase telecommunications equipment directly from any SLT teleshop, regional telecom office, or SLT’s eTeleshop.

Mobile ICT operations

Mobitel has acquired a majority stake in eChannelling PLC. This will increasingly enable us to bring eChanneling solutions within the reach of all our users. This will similarly contribute to the development of the mobile health sector of the eCommerce industry of Sri Lanka. eChannelling PLC is the forefront developer and provider of ICT solutions to the healthcare sector. It was the first publicly-quoted technology company on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The enterprise has been continually recognised amongst the top 100 corporate brands in Sri Lanka.

We have partnered with Lanka Sathosa, in line with expanding our mCash merchant and retailer network. Through this collaboration, customers can execute a range of financial and monetary transactions at any Lanka Sathosa supermarket outlet nationwide. We have equally extended our banking portfolio to Hatton National Bank, Commercial Bank and Sampath Bank to increase the presence of the mCash service on Cash-in to mCash accounts.

Mobitel partnered with Microsoft to introduce the latest range of premium Windows 10 smartphones to our customers. Customers are offered an attractive package with their purchase, which includes a data bundle of 4 GB per month for a year as well as a complimentary Mobitel SIM card.

Continuing partnerships

We maintain our Akaza cloud platform in collaboration with Citrix systems. Citrix is a pioneering figure in the global ICT industry. It furnishes a host of infrastructure and associated services to a multitude of organisations.

Our cybersecurity solutions are coordinated with Cyren. The Ruckus/Aleppo carrier-class Wi-Fi service continues to improve our ADSL data services with an island-wide network of hotspots. We engage with Synchronoss to meliorate customer service for our broadband network.

We continue to partner with Microsoft to offer services in cloud computing and enterprise mobility management (EMM) to our customers.

Supplier Relations Highlights

We conducted a supplier forum recently to inform our partners on relevant development in supply chain management (SCM). We have implemented a new enterprise resource management (ERP) system at SLT. This streamlines operations in SCM, finance, human resources and all other relevant departments into one platform. We envisioned integrating relevant third parties, to include our business partners, into the system as well. Preliminary efforts in this arena took place in January 2017, followed by an integration process to improve the accuracy and efficiency of operations.

Procurement Policies and Standards for Business Partners

SLT possess detailed written guidelines on all matters related to the procurement of goods and services. A Code of Ethics for suppliers details comprehensively on issues such as labour practices and sustainable business operations. We are committed to conducting our activities in a just and responsible manner.

Dealer Support

We updated our dealers on new solutions, with the aim of helping them diversify their offerings. Thus, those who sell voice and data products are able to offer supplementary ICT solutions as well. This has improved their internal productivity and efficiency, and helped them secure increased profits.