Business Model


Our business model must understand and respect aspects that are important to both our operations (of both SLT and Mobitel), as well as our stakeholders.

The ‘importance’ of such an aspect takes into consideration both its relevance and significance. ‘Significance’ takes into account the probability of an adverse event occurring, in relation to a particular aspect, as well as the severity of such an event taking place.

As such, these aspects can be represented in a tabulated form as shown below; and can consequently be identified as being of ‘medium’, ‘high’ or ‘very high’ importance to the business and its stakeholders. The aspects are further cross-referenced with the GRI Content in this Annual Report.

Materiality Matrix

Rating of material aspects

No. Aspect Indicator Importance to the business Importance to the stakeholder
1. Economic performance EC 1 EC 3 Very High Very High
2. Market presence EC 6 High Medium
3. Indirect economic impacts EC 7
EC 8
Very High Very High
4. Energy EN 3
EN 6
EN 7
Medium High
5. Emissions EN 19 Medium Medium
6. Employment LA 1
LA 2
Very High Very High
7. Occupational health and safety LA 8 Medium Medium
8. Training and education LA 9
LA 10
LA 11
Very High Very High
9. Diversity and equal opportunity LA 12 Very High Very High
10. Equal remuneration to men and women LA 13 High Very High
11. Labour practices grievance mechanisms LA 16 High High
12. Local community SO 1 Medium High
13. Anti-competitive behaviour SO 7 High High
14. Compliance SO 8 High High
15. Product and service labelling PR 3
PR 5
Very High High
16. Marketing Communications PR 7 High High
17. Customer privacy PR 8 High High
18. Compliance PR 9 Medium Medium