Business Model
About Us

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (‘SLT’ or the ‘Company’) is Sri Lanka’s national Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider. We are also the leading broadband and backbone infrastructure services provider in the country. Throughout our decades of operations, we have been delivering cutting edge and sophisticated solutions to our customers. We will continue to do so as we move onto the arena as a fully-consolidated digital lifestyle services provider.

Group Structure

Principal Lines of Business

The Sri Lanka Telecom Group provides a comprehensive suite of ICT products in fixed and mobile ICT, broadband, data services, Internet protocol television (IPTV), cloud computing, hosting services and networking solutions. The afore mentioned are categorised under fixed ICT operations, mobile operations and other segment operations.

In 2016, fixed and mobile ICT operations made up the bulk of our business as in the preceding years. This accounted for 99% of revenue. It also represented 99% of our total assets and 100% of the capital expenditure of the Group.

Products and Markets

Fixed ICT operations

The Group’s holding Company, SLT, operates in the fixed ICT business. SLT provides telecommunications networks and ICT services to individuals, companies at any level across all sectors of the economy, Government institutions, associated telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These services encompass voice, data, broadband, wholesale, enterprise, cloud, international and TV.

We aspire to enhance broadband-backed consumer and enterprise services by increasing and sustaining the broadband footprint of the country. This is to be achieved through the next generation network (NGN) and the national backbone network (NBN), supplemented by the latest technologies of ADSL2+, VDSL2, optical fibre, carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE technologies.

We also use our international undersea cable networks to open up our businesses to international clients, and hence secure our position as a forefront Company in both Asia and the world.

Mobile ICT operations

Mobitel (Pvt) Limited (‘Mobitel’) is a 100% owned subsidiary of SLT. It offers mobile services, high-speed broadband, enterprise solutions, IDD services and a range of supplementary value added services. Mobitel has continually adopted novel technologies, to include a super 3.5G network, HSPA + MIMO and 4G LTE. With the introduction of Dual Carrier HSPA+ and 4G LTE services, Mobitel possesses the fastest broadband speeds in the country. Its coverage extends nationwide, and includes international roaming with the partnership of a global web of over 400 networks.

Our reach

The SLT Group has island-wide coverage and distributes its services to over six million recipients across fixed and mobile ICT services.

Scale of Operations

SLT Group revenue, FYE 2016

The aggregate revenue of the SLT Group increased by 8.5% to Rs. 73.8 billion during the year. This was backed by a growth in revenue of 6.3% at SLT, and a matching growth of 10.3% at Mobitel. In terms of business lines, the fastest growth rates with regards to revenue were accounted by voice, broadband, enterprise solutions and TV of both fixed and mobile ICT segments.

Composition of Group revenue

Market capitalisation

SLT is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost blue-chip companies, with a market capitalisation of Rs. 65 billion as of 31 December 2016.