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Every Step of the Way...
With every Fibre of our Being.

At the end of the’s always the Big Picture that’s important. Yes – Sri Lanka Telecom is Sri Lanka’s premier “legacy” communications provider over decades; yes – we are today Sri Lanka’s leading proponent and provider of cutting-edge technology inspired solutions in the ICT realm that has transformed Sri Lanka.

But...what really is the Big Picture?

All of this we have accomplished for a single purpose walk in step with every citizen of this country, providing the products and services they need, anticipating what they will need and value every turn.

Group Chairman’s Message

“We recorded an impressive top and bottom line improvements as well as completing most of our major infrastructure investments. These investments will create the platform that will elevate SLT to the next level for business expansion.”


Group Chief Executive Officer’s Message

“SLT is in the best position to take advantage of our geographical position, tectonic plate stability, low latency connectivity, and global Gigabit speeds through the SEA-ME-WE submarine optical fibre cable system.”


Chief Executive Officer’s Review

“As the national ICT solutions provider to the nation, we believe that SLT is in a very strong position to act as a key partner in the government’s mission to achieve Smart Sri Lanka”


Chief Operating Officer’s Review

“Digital services are all about the customer experience and as customers are driving digital lifestyle today, we have transformed SLT into a completely customer-centric organisation”

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