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SLT is in the vanguard of an emerging “digital existence” that is already changing life in Sri Lanka. This new way of life leverages the technology of today...and tomorrow...providing era changing detail, perspective and opportunity across the gamut of life.

In journeying towards our goal of becoming Sri Lanka’s preferred digital lifestyle provider by 2022, we’re honoured to guide the Nation and its people into an exciting new digital world.


All Sri Lankans seamlessly connected with world-class information, communication and entertainment services


Your trusted and proven partner for innovative and exciting communication experiences delivered with passion, quality and commitment.


Customer Caring

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do


We are true to our promises


We continuously invent new opportunities through creative thinking


We are ready to listen and act promptly


We are one team with a common purpose to achieve common goals


We are committed to exceptional performance

Results Driven

We are committed to enhancing shareholder value

Group Chairman’s review

Digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace with innovative apps and software out-pacing hardware which in turn catch up to ably support the new innovative applications, becoming a never-ending speedy cycle where Digital Disruption is the order of the day. Telecommunications service providers must “unlearn” the traditional telco business models and transform and adapt to this rapid change in order to survive, let alone sustain and grow.

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Chief executive officer’s Review

SLT continues onwards with its digital transformation journey to become the Nation’s most preferred digital lifestyle provider. The structural changes made as part of the Centre of Excellence initiatives have enabled efficient decision-making processes by uniting the Group to work together towards a singular set of goals. The pursuit of progress is one that never ends, so I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most significant milestones for SLT in 2018.

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Chief operating officer’s Review

2018 has been a turning point for SLT. The execution of our 5-year strategic plan for the digital transformation of SLT has seen a lot of action being taken, resulting in some significant changes. The entire structure of our Management has been overhauled to make SLT more proactive in an industry that is seeing incumbent telecom operators such as ourselves having to adapt to new circumstances. We find ourselves in a time where the fundamental technology of our industry is rapidly changing, and investment is required to ensure that we can keep up with the country’s growing requirements. As the National ICT Solutions provider, we must address the demand for data and speeds, as well as boost the penetration rate of the Internet in the country.

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