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VMware Enterprise Premium Cloud

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SLT Akaza Enterprise Premium Cloud is a VMware Validated Design and directly implemented by the VMware International Professional Service Team. We offer you a Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) with advanced capabilities such as ESXI, VSAN and NSX. SLT provides IaaS services, Virtual Machines, and Virtual Data Centers along with a range of other support services such as Disaster avoidance with Stretch Cluster (RPO 5 minutes), Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Backup as a service. SLT is the only service provider that offers a range of new differentiated services and delivers several advanced self-service products that can dramatically reduce provisioning times and cut operational costs.

Enterprise premium cloud services provide Enterprise-grade IaaS services via VSAN based VCPP by VMware. HCI Platform is implemented across the geographically redundant data centers (Including a Tier 3 Data Center).


Disaster Avoidance with Stretched Cluster

Stretched Cluster is geographically stretched across both Data Centers, hence capable of providing Disaster Avoidance (DA) services to critical workloads. Stretched Cluster is uniquely positioned in such a way with the help of vSAN to keep multiple copies of synchronized data in geographically different locations. This feature is designed to minimize the additional cost to the customer.

Advanced Networking with NSX

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center, delivering the operational model of a virtual machine for entire networks.

VMware NSX is delivering different services including:

HCI enabled vSAN for High performance and scalability

VMware vSAN is a software-defined storage platform powered by VMware Hyper-Converged Software. It delivers one of the industry’s best storage volumes with simplified management, high performance, and low cost. VMware vSAN robust roadmap intended to support any app, at any scale.


Disaster Recovery with VMware vCloud Availability

VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director offers disaster recovery as a service and migration services from vCenter environment to the recovery environment.


Backup & Recovery

-Powered by Commvault
We have partnered with Commvault to provide cloud-agnostic backup services to enterprise and government customers. Commvault software delivers the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to data management. The solution comes with individually licensable modules—all built on a single unifying code base and platform—to analyze, backup & recover, replicate, archive, and search your data.

Leveraging the strengths of the “common” platform, each module delivers unsurpassed feature-for-feature performance against alternative point-level solutions. And because modules are individually licensable, users have the flexibility to choose those that meet their current needs and activate additional modules as new needs emerge. This unique approach to data management provides the following solutions:


IDC Firewall Premium

SLT has implemented a high available next-generation firewall with Palo Alto – PA 5050 to provide consistent protection for Infrastructure Hosting, Data Hosting, and Cloud Products from cyberattacks. SLT offers IDC Firewall Premium service with dedicated Vsys which includes all Layer 7 features with customization and firewall access to the customer.

IDC Firewall Premium service includes 50 policies, 5000 sessions, and 03 months duration of reporting in below different services. Pricing based on the aggregated link bandwidth.


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