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The Story

Adventures of Kimaki unfolds in a mysterious blue mountain filled with platforms. In his epic quest to find his friends and family his only hope is help from the Stick with Magical Powers.

Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Can you take that challenge? Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down!


Addictive game play with simple mechanics
Play more and win data gifts
Share your progress and engage with your friends in social networks
Competition leader board to see where you stand against the competition

How it Works


Winning data is given as Extra GB. For any SLT customer, extra GB is limited to maximum of 5 active buckets. So during DATA grant some get failed during exceeding this 05 limit. Customer can easily avoid, this by consuming extra GB buckets and keep some slots FREE out of the total 05 eligible.

You can play the game in English language

The game is designed in a way it consume possible minimum data for the play sensation it provides.

The data will be added to your Broadband account within 48 hours

The game is available on both Play Store and APP Store

The leader board contains the list of players who have scored the highest in the game.

SLT customers can win FREE GB while playing the game

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It’s totally FREE to just download and play the game.

Any SLT or non – SLT customer can download and play the game. But the data winning chance is only applicable for SLT broadband customers