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Why Metro Ethernet Service

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Enterprises are in a constant need to optimize their operational and capital expenditure for their communication purposes.

The new business applications that are spread across the enterprise environment will be the key elements that enable business processes and hence increase the competitiveness and the efficiency of the business. In a converging environment, intra-company voice, data and video traffic are consolidated onto a single packet-based enterprise network.

To be successful, the converged network needs to support the communication requirements of the workforce using these applications in an increasingly decentralized corporate environment. To satisfy the new and changing demands the service chosen to support network convergence must support the exponentially increasing demand for bandwidth. This is driven by:

  • Distributed applications
  • Multimedia and bandwidth intensive business applications
  • Convergence of networks
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery services
  • Storage solution

In this context, Metro Ethernet offers an array of services that ensures the smooth functioning of enterprise-wide applications. In addition to meeting the multi-site connectivity requirements of the enterprise, it meets the high-bandwidth requirements supporting high access rates up to 10 Gbps

Advantages of SLT Metro Ethernet
  • Cost-effectiveness

    The Metro Ethernet connectivity solution is economically sound and attractive for high-bandwidth connectivity requirements. Lower price per bandwidth unit is a definite cost benefit for users at any level. Flexible bandwidth steps enable the user to obtain link capacity tailored to the specific bandwidth requirements.

  • High Reliability

    Your connectivity comes with a 24x7 network connectivity monitoring through our network management centre. The ring-based network provides necessary infrastructure for providing high reliability for your critical business applications.

  • Scalable Service Options

    This has commercially attractive bandwidth structures are avilable compared to other network access options.  Service bandwidths starting from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps with finer steps.

  • Flexibility

    Multiple connectivity options are available – ranging from point-to-point to full-meshed multipoint layer 2 (Ethernet) services – as well as layer 3 access services, i.e. IP VPNs and the internet. 

  • Simplicity

    With Metro Ethernet your networking tasks are simplified. Ethernet is a widely available and well-understood technology. Ethernet in the LAN and WAN simplifies network administration by allowing you to plan and control the routing functions.

  • High-end Service Levels

    End-to-end service levels that guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your applications.


Metro Ethernet Features
  • High-bandwidth Capability

    Metro Ethernet is designed to cater to the high-end bandwidth requirements with flexible bandwidth steps. Ethernet, the most widely deployed data transport technology is the obvious choice.

  • Quality of Service

    Different Classes of Service templates will prioritize your voice, video, business critical data and  best effort data according to their requirements. When prioritized bandwidth is not in use, the low priority traffic is permitted to burst into the unused bandwidth resulting in an optimum use of the subscribed bandwidth.

  • Quicker Bandwidth Upgrades

    Metro Ethernet is capable of delivering your bandwidth requirements tailored to specific applications. With no modifications in service delivery hardware equipment, the upgrades are quicker and cost effective.

  • Single connection, many services

    Your business is exposed to an array of industry strength connectivity services which enables you to implement data, voice and video over a single reliable connection, for efficient management of services.

  • High Availability and Resiliency

    Metro Ethernet network runs on a protected fibre ring architecture and protected equipment with fibre diversity. MPLS Fast Reroute capability guarantees carrier class reliability for real-time applications.

  • Secure Connectivity

    With the inherent security features of MPLS, privacy of your data is guaranteed. Ethernet enables enterprise applications to be safely deployed in a highly secure manner.


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